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Oundle House Dental PracticeOundle House Dental Practice
2.3 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Jon DundeeJon Dundee

I originally tried to register and book an appointment at the same time only to be told that I had to physically drive to the practice (12 miles) in order to fill out a form before I could book an appointment. When I arrived to have the treatment the dentist wasn't there so I had to re book, that appointment was then cancelled via text. It will have taken 3 visits and two months of pain to finally get a filling done. In all this time and despite a number of requests I have not received a single call from the management team. I feel sorry for their poor receptionist.

Paul MeighPaul Meigh

My own experience is really positive and I've been pleased with the reception, and delighted with the dental advice, care and outcome of my new bridge.

Ryan HomerRyan Homer

The dentists are great. However, the reception team are not. They never answer the phone. I had an appointment booked and wanted to enquire if I could change the date. Tried to call all morning and eventually emailed at around 2pm, asking if it was possible to reschedule that appointment for the following week? Their response was to cancel my appointment and reschedule for over a month later. I tried to call and email back but no response. I eventually got an email that said the previous appointment has now been taken. All I tried to do was enquire about changing the appointment I already had, now I have to wait a month for a filling!

Be AuBe Au

Not happy. Had a tooth removed as the tooth was being removed I could fill bits of broken tooth left in my mouth which should have been sucked out . So now I've swallowed bits over tooth . Very unprofessional.

Sheila BrightonSheila Brighton

I have been a patient at this practice since it opened. It is has always been difficult to contact them by phone - basically no-one answers! This last few months has been even worse - I have tried phoning at all sorts of times - my call has gone from answer-phone to answer-phone, voice mail and then cut off. I have tried to book online - no apps. available!! yet I still keep getting reminders to book - if only I could!!

Kristi DaviesKristi Davies

cancelled 3 appointments in the space 24 hours !!!

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Marcus WilkinsonMarcus Wilkinson

Book an 8:30 appointment and dentist isn’t even there. They are a joke

Like ground hog day every time I go in here

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Edward CracknellEdward Cracknell

When I had an appoitment the dentist wanted to drill both my upper teeth for a small cavity on one tooth, she also told me that one of the holes on my lower tooth did not need filling. After seeking another professional oppinion I have been informed that the hole on the upper two teeth should only be monitored ( no filling right now! ) and the cavity on the bottom two teeth does need a filling.

From my opinion I find the service I received at this dentistry to be bad and very unhelpful as they might of taken away two perfectly good teeth and left me with a hole that did need to be filled!

I hope other people considering dental practices take my advice and go somewhere else.

Good luck!

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Simon BotfieldSimon Botfield

My wife has been for countless fillings which keep falling out. the phone lines are never answered even though the practice is open and also emails are never returned and appointment times are never kept even being the 1st patient in the morning and still late to keep the appointment absolutely appalling

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David PhillipsDavid Phillips

This week I had a hygienist session which I can only describe as brutal. The hygienist probed deeply beneath my gums with a sharp metal tool, that caused my gums to bleed profusely and extreme pain. I was never offered an anaesthetic. Afterwards, one of my teeth got steadily more painful. I believe there is now an infection beneath it. I reported this on Thursday but so far the surgery has failed to get back to me as promised. It is now 3.30am on Saturday and I am sitting writing this because I am in EXTREME pain and cannot sleep. I am about to investigate how to take this matter further.

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Chantelle HeanueChantelle Heanue